Ancient Forests
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Currently, few laws or public policies protect our ancient forests. These rare, often fragile, ecological remanents suffer human disturbance at any time for any reason. And no forest is immune to insects, fungi, disease, or stress from climate change.

Until local, state and federal laws and policies protect these precious and vanishing natural areas, only public awareness and action can preserve these sylvan sanctuaries.

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Three Falls Forest
Manlius, New York

175 acre mixed hardwood forest on the Onondaga Escarpment about to be leveled for 180 suburban tract homes
Scout Survey: July 26, 2005

Scout Survey: July 28, 2005
Delaware Avenue Forest
Kingston, New York

300 acre Oak Forest on a scenic Hudson River ridge about to be leveled for an industrial park
Survey Team: June 17, 2002

Survey Team: July 13, 2002
Palmaghatt Kill Ravine
Minnewaska State Park, NY

300-year-old hemlock forest infested with wooly adelgid will be skeletons in ten years
Survey Team: April 13, 2002
Saratoga Spa State Park
Saratoga, NY

combination wetlands and old growth forest considered for clearcut into a golf course
Survey Team: March 10, 2002
Survey Team: March 9, 2002
Zoar Valley
Cattaraugus & Erie Counties, NY

Large—and largely unmapped—ancient forest in NYS Multiple Use Area scheduled for rotational logging. Citizen action in 1990s blocked logging plan approved by DEC Region Forester.
News Article: September 22, 2002
News Article: September 24, 2002
MacArthur Forest
Haddon, New Jersey

threatened by plans to shave away more slices of this 25-acre, first class forest for athletic fields for schools
Survey Team: April 2, 2002
Marcy Woods
Haddon, Ontario, Canada

Rare Black Maple forest on lakeshore sand dunes may be sold to Niagara Casino

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