Eastern New York Old Growth Survey Team
c/o Landis Arboretum, P.O. Box 186, Esperance, NY 12066; 518-875-6935
Forest Survey Report
Data Sheet: WizardofOz-ds02
May 5, 2002
Wizard of Oz
Memorial Oak Grove

North Syracuse, NY
North Syracuse School District
Team Leader:
Fred Breglia
David Yarrow
Team Members:
B. Kershner, L. Sebesta, J. Horowitz
Other Participants:
T. Howard, B. Henry, D. Fitzgerald, M. Largess
west of Taft Road & U.S. 11
Wizard of Oz
Memorial Oak Grove
7 acres
Dominant Species: Large Trees
White Oak
Black Oak
Northern Red Oak
Red Maple
Additional Species: Large Trees
Black CherryMost common understory tree, some large
Black Tupelo
White Pine1 large tree
Yellow Birch
Black Birch
Other Species: Small Trees
Pin Cherry
Choke Cherryin blowdown areas
Large Tree Measurements
Red Maple5.4 feet95 feetMother Teresa tree
White Oak6.4 feet114cored tree #11: estimated age 160 years
tallest tree in No. Syracuse
possibly tallest white oak in NY
White Oak5.5 feet107.5 feeteast of center section
Red Maple6.15 feet103 feetcenter northone of tallest Red Maples in No. Syracuse
Black Oak12.2 feet99 feetnorthwest cornerEdgar Allen Poe tree
County Champion
Tree Trunk Cores
speciesindex #ringslocationcomments
Black Tupeloone160 (170 years est. age)17.1 inch dbhAnne Frank tree
Snags, Downed Logs, Woody Debris
White Oak110 rings on branch
3.5 feet radius
est. age: 170-180 years
Red Maple115 rings on stumpby southwest entrance
Understory: shrubs
Witch Hazel
Understory: herbs, ferns, moss, fungi
Trailing Arbutusmain patch destroyed by trail construction
smaller patches survive
Canada Mayflower
Painted Trillium
Partridge Berry
Additional Observations
This is an important old growth site that inspired L. Frank Baum to create The Great Forest of The Wizard of Oz, the most famous literary forest of the past 100 years. This grove is a site of worldwide significance. On HourCNY TV show on WNCY, Bruce KZershner said that this grove is "the most historic old grove forest in the eastern US"! This grove inspired Baum to create the Enchanted Forest, the most beloved literary forest in all the world!

This old growth forest is an unusual remnant of a southern type forest that is a relict of a warmer climate thousands of years ago.

Plaques on trees have been dedicated to important cultural people by the Historic Oak Grove Club of North Syracuse Junior High School.

The Eastern Native Tree Society website lists a 102.9 feet Red Maple at Lisha Kill Preserve in Niskayuna as the tallest Red Maple in New York. The Wizard of Oz Grove contains at least two Red Maples that are taller:
Onondaga County Champion Red Maple (8.9 foot girth and 103.9 foot height, measured by Bob Leverett 4/25/98)
103 foot tall Red Maple measured by Fred Breglia 5/5/02

As of 5/5/02, The Wizard of Oz Grove contains the tallest White Oak (114 feet) and Red Maple (103.9 feet)

New York Old Growth Forest Association
www.championtrees.org/NYOGFA/ updated: 4/28/2002