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Washington Woods

Rochester, New York

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Washington Woods
Rochester, New York

Old growth discovered within the City of Rochester
Aerial Photo
Washington Woods
Rochester, NY
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Scouting Visit
March 2002

Team Leader: Bruce Kershner
Data Sheet

After 12 years of field trips, the Western NY Survey Team has not been exploring for old growth except once in a while. The survey's coordinator, Bruce Kershner, has been focused on forming old growth surveys in other regions. So it was with great anticipation that we met in Rochester in March 2002. We were told of impressive trees in two city parks.

Our second site visit was rewarding. Washington Woods Park was named when it was dedicated on the 200th anniversary of George Washington's birth. It was clear why they chose this park, because the trees themselves date back from Washington's childhood. Red, white and black oaks were 180 to 250 years old. Stocky trunks, stag-headed crowns and antique bark were visible everywhere in this 12-acre park. Completely surrounded by houses, many of the local residents treasure the grove for its beauty and historic value. Now, some of them know it is also precious because it dates back to Indian times—a rare example of Rochester's original landscape.
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Washington Woods

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  • Bruce Kershner
    November 2002

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