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Tryon Park

Rochester, New York

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Tryon Park
Rochester, New York

Old growth discovered within the City of Rochester
Aerial Photo
Tryon Park
Rochester, NY
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Scouting Visit
March 2002

Team Leader: Bruce Kershner
Data Sheet

After 12 years of field trips, the Western NY Survey Team has not been exploring for old growth except once in a while. The survey's coordinator, Bruce Kershner, has been focused on forming old growth surveys in other regions. So it was with great anticipation that we met in Rochester in March 2002. We were told of impressive trees in two city parks.

First we hiked to Tryon Park, on the city's east edge. The first part of the walk was through young forest. But when we arrived at steep, hilly knolls, the oaks were huge—up to four feet thick—and 250 years old. Around every bend, more giant oaks appeared. We concluded it was abut 15 acres of original old growth forest, not cut because it was set aside early as watershed and to protect the city's drinking supply.
Directions to
Tryon Park

  • Go to xxx
  • Drive east on xx 00 toward xxx
  • Hike 000 yards south on
  • turn east, hike 000 yards
  • Bruce Kershner
    November 2002

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