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Paradise Grove

Ontario, Canada

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Paradise Grove
Ontario, Canada

Aerial Photo
Paradise Grove
Ontario, Canada
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Scouting Visit
March 2002

Team Leader: Bruce Kershner
Data Sheet

Part of the provincial park that lines the Niagara River, the Paradise Grove was found to contain over 25 acres of old growth, with huge white, black and red oaks. As thick as five feet, the oaks are often spreading branched. We at first thought they were all secondary old growth, having re-grown after the War of 1812. But ring counts revealed ages of 200 to 275 years. Our conclusion now is that the oaks are open grown because they grew in a savanna, probably established in an earlier millennium when the climate was drier. Savanna wildflowers were found growing near the trees, confirming our conclusion.
Directions to
Paradise Grove

  • Go to xxx
  • Drive east on xx 00 toward xxx
  • Hike 000 yards south on
  • turn east, hike 000 yards
  • Bruce Kershner
    November 2002

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