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Brock's Monument Forest

Ontario, Canada

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Brock's Monument Forest
Ontario, Canada

Old Growth search now being conducted in Ontario, Canada
Aerial Photo
Brock's Monument Forest
Ontario, Canada
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Scouting Visit
March 2002

Team Leader: Bruce Kershner
Data Sheet

Located overlooking the mouth of the Niagara Gorge, the 200 foot tall Brock's Monument towers over the landscape. The wisteria monument memorializes a major War of 1812 battle that occurred here. It is also where Ontario's national trail—the 430-mile Bruce Trail—begins.

We were surprised, therefore, to find the forest along the Bruce Trail was a mix of secondary old growth and original old growth. It is surprising that all of the forest wasn't cleared by soldiers during the war. What is most surprising is that ancient scarlet oak are dominant in parts of this 12-acre forest. With diameters of 40 inches, large scarlet oaks are rarely seen because they normally grow in scrubby sand barrens. Even more unusual is that scarlet oak does not "officially" grow in Canada, according to botany books. For now, this is the only old growth scarlet oak forest in Canada or the Northeast U.S.
Directions to
Brock's Monument Forest

  • Go to xxx
  • Drive east on xx 00 toward xxx
  • Hike 000 yards south on
  • turn east, hike 000 yards
  • Bruce Kershner
    November 2002

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