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Backus Woods

Ontario, Canada

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Backus Woods
Ontario, Canada

Old Growth search now being conducted in Ontario, Canada
Aerial Photo
Backus Woods
Ontario, Canada
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Scouting Visit
March 2002

Team Leader: Bruce Kershner
Data Sheet

Located only a few miles north of Lake Erie, Backus Woods is part of a large provincial park. Research has confirmed at least 100 acres of old growth, including black gums, accurately aged at 550 years! Old growth sugar maple, red and white oak, tuliptree, beech, and white ash also populate this lowland flat forest. A rare tree species from the south is pumpkin ash.
Directions to
Backus Woods

  • Go to xxx
  • Drive east on xx 00 toward xxx
  • Hike 000 yards south on
  • turn east, hike 000 yards
  • Bruce Kershner
    November 2002

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