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Although most of the primeval forests that once covered New York State, and indeed the entire Northeast, were cleared many years ago when settlers first moved in to develop farms and communities, there still remain small vestiges of this original forest tucked away in overlooked corners of our state. Originally, most remained uncut because the terrain where they are located was so challenging that logging was impracticable and farming impossible. Over the years, owners left these woods essentially untouched, either through oversight, or a desire to protect these unique assets.

There are many areas of old growth forest all across the state. Many exist within public lands across the state, including the Adirondack Park, Allegheny Park and Letchworth Park. For example, it is reported that there remain, in small groves, about 200 acres of old growth forest across the Capital region in Albany, Schenectady and Saratoga Counties, notably Lisha Kill, Old Maids Woods, Reist Sanctuary. In Western New York, in addition to smaller areas, the Zoar Valley, owned in large part by New York State, includes over 700 acres.

If these forests are allowed to be destroyed, they are probably gone forever, and are certainly not replaceable within our lifetimes, or the lifetimes of our children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren. It is important for all New Yorkers that we protect the old growth forests that remain so that generations to come can appreciate what existed in our state before the advent of European settlement. And in the next century's climate change challenge, these ancient forests can illuminate, guide and seed efforts to regenerate our trees and forests in any strategy to sequester carbon, moderate weather extremes and mitigate climate disturbances.

The Forest Cathedral
Three Falls Forest, Manlius, NY
Ancient Fern Community
Three Falls Forest, Manlius, NY

Bruce S. Kershner
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preservation and protection act
an act proposed to the NYS Senate

newpaper article
Bruce S. Kershner
heritage tree
preservation and protection act

Albany Times-Union
, May 11, 2007

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